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Potty Talk August 31, 2011

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3M 17202ES Command Picture Hanging Strips Small

I’m taking a time out for “potty talk”, as Caleb would say. I wonder if the 3M Command Company thought their sticky strips would stick to a child’s bottom. My son is determined to find out. After two strips, he is confident as I SLOWLY peel. Why does he have the curiosity to use them like band-aids? The smart Cottonelle Company that produces wet wipes encloses innovative strips to hang the box. After a loud yelp and microdermabrasion, I think my son might stick innovatively. During our potty talk discussion, the one-year-old, Caroline, blissfully pulls toilet paper for her big brother to comfort his sore tush. Isn’t she a sweetheart?


Folly Beach Vacation 2011 July 15, 2011

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This year was different since we brought along our babysitter, Erica. Actually, she brought herself, she drove her own car and Phillip and Carissa, too. It was a peaceful ride there with Colby, Caleb and Caroline and Mom and Dad.

We arrived the usual last week of June and it was hot, but not scorching, which was a relief. No one got sunburned this time, not even Phillip. The girls (Erica and Carissa) had their own room and Colby and Caleb got the bunk beds. Phillip had the usual couch and Mom and Dad slept in their usual room with Caroline in the play pen.

When we left the house, Caroline had taken a few steps across the room and she was semi-crawling and walking here and there. On day two of the vacation, she was in full force walking and no longer crawling. She has quite a personality!

Colby left with a mild sore throat and Caleb had the cold by day two. Shortly after, Caroline had a nasty, yucky green nose and eyes, poor baby. By the end of the vacation, Carissa and Phillip were complaining of their sore throats, too.

We had a BIG burger lunch at Nannie’s and Papaw’s on the way down. Erin and Jason were there while we visited and laughed. Uncle Jake was so generous to the older kids giving them a whopping $20 bill to spend freely at the beach! He likes to spoil his nieces and nephews.

Carissa got to see Montey Carlo with Erica and Colby watched Cars 2 in 3D with Dad. After a big debate over buying hermit crabs for a souvenir, Colby finally settled for two Folly Beach shirts to take home. Oh thank goodness.

Mom enjoyed her early morning runs on the beach as the wind and waves crashed. Dad loved the fishing on the small pier and his highlight was catching a sting ray. He managed to step on the tail with his T-shirt and take the hook out. Thankfully, we didn’t have to eat it for dinner. We did enjoy a week’s worth of freezer food Mom prepared in advance. We had an awesome fresh shrimp dinner twice, lots of grilled hot dogs, homemade spaghetti and meatballs, steak and chicken fajitas, sandwiches, flatbread pizza and warm chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t go hungry for a minute, especially Phillip.

Our highlight of funny things about Phillip was our shrimp dinner intended for a family and he took the entire plate for himself. Mom, Dad and Erica took about five grilled shrimp a piece and we offered Phillip his portion, but he decided to take the whole plate and enjoy it for himself. Oh Phillip!

Caleb loved his new whale, I mean shark, Erica bought him. He took it with him everytime he hit the beach. At first, he kept talking about sharks biting him and he didn’t want to swim. Once Dad got in the water with him, he didn’t want to get out. We hit the beach early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

The last day entailed a night of crabbing and sparklers. The kids loved it. Phillip liked the fresh green beans Mom brought from home, the many varieties of burritos (breakfast, fajita, taco, steak) and his shower at 8:15 p.m. sharp. Mom tried to trick him one night at 8:14. She closed the bathroom door and pretended to be in there, but she wasn’t. He was getting very anxious at 8:16 p.m. His girlfriend, Bev, gave him a wake up call at 8:00 a.m and he was off on his early morning bike ride. Bev had a little phone competition with his ex, Amy, ringing in on the other line. Hello, wasn’t this a repeat from last year?

Everyone loved the water park. Colby was especially glad he could ride the big water slides by himself. Caleb liked the little slides this year. He rode them all by himself. Even little Caroline made a friend at the kiddie section. She played with her toys and walked in the water with Mommy’s assistance. Her and Caleb slept well after a six hour day at the water park.

We took an extra day at the state park and played in the Splash and Play area. There’s an awesome park that we love. It was a fly attack when we tried to have lunch, but that’s how it rolls in Charleston. We all ended up walking and eating to keep the flies away from our food. I don’t know if Phillip or the kids enjoyed the water play more. Oh how we wished for one of these in Fairview, especially Carissa.

One night the boys decided to have matching tatoos. I’m not sure who liked them most, the boys or Dad.

The kids always enjoy the children’s museum. I know Carissa will be too old for this one day, but she still enjoys the scanning at the grocery store area.

My how the kids have grown from year to year. We are so thankful to have a family picture of our children growing up enjoying our family time.

We are blessed to be able to rent this affordable, well broken-in beach house each year. The 4 and a half hour drive is worth it even though we have five loads of laundry when we got home.

Here are our favorite parts:

  • Carissa-jumping in the waves and playing with Dad
  • Mom-early or late afternoon runs on the beach, not having to “cook” every night thanks to freezer meals, watching her family have fun in the ocean
  • Colby-digging deep holes in the wet sand, jumping waves with Dad
  • Caleb-playing with his new souvenir shark in the ocean and holding on to Daddy in the ocean, going down the water park slides “all by himself”
  • Dad-fishing off the pier and catching his own white fish for the grill
  • Caroline-learning to “officially” walk on the beach by herself; tasting the wet sand, the sights and sounds of the beach
  • Phillip-riding the bike to the pier, bobbing in the ocean, drinking Dr. Pepper and Coke, eating circus peanuts, peppermint patties, and Mom’s burrito concoctions.
  • Erica-visiting her sister in Summerville (getting a break from the Brown family for a few hours)
Bye-bye to Folly beach this year. We’ll be back soon, a little taller (except Mom and Dad), a little wiser and older.

Happy 1st Birthday Caroline June 13, 2011

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Caroline Nancy Brown

  • 18 pounds, 7 ounces
  • Says “uh oh, mom, dad, bbbbdkjkgdhgkldjg” (oh well, at least you talk a little)
  • Smiles from ear to ear with a right dimple in your cheek
  • Has seven teeth, four on the bottom and three on the top (one more is trying to cut through)
  • Thumb sucker, especially when you’re tired
  • Sleeps on her tummy sucking her thumb
  • Loves the pool just like your siblings
  • Crawling like a wounded soldier, cruising, holding our fingers to try to walk
  • Caleb finally says, Caroline, instead of baby
  • Carissa is fond of her little sis
  • Colby still calls you Ms. Baby
  • Mom and Dad call you sissy
  • You like to sneak up on us and bite our leg (ouch! teething)
  • You stayed overnight for two days with Nannie and Papaw at one
  • You want to do everything big brother Caleb is doing, play right in the middle of the sand box with Anna (Caleb’s best friend)
  • You have a sweet special relationship with Anna

Happy Birthday to our little blessing from God. We know this will be our last baby and we are savoring every minute and milestone. You’re such a sweet, gentle spirited baby girl. We love having you around.

Look who just turned one!


What are my girls up to? March 11, 2011

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My little Caroline is crawling up a storm at 10-months. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I discovered she was crawling from room to room. She’s got the clapping, waving and saying, “uh-oh.” down pat. Of course her smile still melts our heart. She’s got that down to a science too. You don’t have to ask her, “Polly, wanna cracker?” She’ll fight you for it if she could. The boys have to break theirs in half when she sees them munching on one. Which reminds me, I have to get my homemade graham cracker recipe perfected soon.

She enjoys Mommy pulling her up by her fingers. We pretend she’s walking, but she quickly falls down from busting a gut. Her belly shakes like a bowl full of jello and she cackles about walking. I don’t think she’s going to walk like Carissa at 10-months. Thankfully, God created them both differently.

Carissa, my oldest and wisest girl, is a news announcer. Perhaps she’ll go into journalism one day. I enjoyed watching her seriousness on the camera at Fairview Elementary. She reminds me of myself at that age. Her unicycle team is about to come to a close. She has one last game at T.C. Roberson this month. It’s been a fantastic way for her to stay active for three years. Who would have known my not so little girl would carry a flag pole while riding a unicycle down the center court of a Clemson game. We enjoy reading the School Story together by Clements, because it’s about a girl who publishes her first book in elementary school. Perhaps someday, Carissa and I will write a book together. Who knows what the Lord has in store. I just know that nothing is too difficult for the Lord. He told me so this week. Jer. 32:27


Loving God and Loving My Children February 14, 2011

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I’ve got dust bunnies in my corners, mirrors with handprints, sticky floors, dirty clothes, a sink full of dishes and my manicure consists of multi-colored play dough;


I have the love of FOUR blessings from God to cuddle, kiss, hold, rock, converse and share my life with.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest blessings I’ll ever have and hold. God is Love and He showed his love by dying on the cross for my horrendous sin when I mess up and forget about my four blessings. Thankfully, He’s Grace and he loves me and forgives every word and action when I’ve messed up being a mom to my four blessings.

 I’m thankful my 9 month-old is not allergic to my lipstick on her sweet, chubby cheeks. I’m blessed to receive big, sloppy, wet  kisses in return.


I’m thankful to have a three year-old to talk to while the older kids are at school. I’m blessed to experience the discovery of new things in life and the questions that come with it. Why, why, why?




I’m thankful to have an 8 year-old who likes to cuddle with his mommy in bed at night to read me Captain Underpants. I’m blessed to have his smile and  hugs every day.


I’m thankful for a 10 year-old daughter who thinks of everyone under the sun. I’m blessed to lay beside her on her bed and have a conversation about her school happenings.

16 From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another. John 1:16 NLT

God, thank you for blessing me with 4 blood relatives (for I had none when I was adopted) and this Valentine’s Day, I cherish each one of them.


Happy BIRTHday Caleb February 10, 2011

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My life is like a book. Within each chapter, a baby was born. Chapter one: Carissa. Chapter two: Colby. Chapter three: Caleb. This chapter has a unique twist in the uncertainty of a mother’s heart. I came to a fork in the road whether I desired another baby or not. My prayer was simply God’s will and I put it in his hands. One month later I was pregnant. Five weeks later, I lost the baby in a car accident. It was no mistake that God took that moment to show me how much I desired baby number three. I gave up my will and once again put it in God’s hands. One month later, Caleb was conceived. God knew from the beginning of time about our little Caleb.

Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16

As my book continues to unfold with Caleb turning three years old today, I am a blessed mother. He’s quite a highlight to our family. His funny gestures and abundant questions and wide open stamina keep David and I quite young. We are pulling our hair out when he sticks his finger in an ointment jar or paints his toes purples with Carissa’s polish or wakes us nearly everyday at two or four in the morning to crawl in our bed.

I realize that these early chapters in my book are the very best days of my life and I should savor them. Caleb won’t be this age very long.


This past year he became a big brother to Caroline. He’s potty-trained (now that’s a great part in my book)


My book continues as he grows into a Godly young boy. Happy third birthday, Caleb. May we be a shining Christlike example to you (1 Cor. 11:1)

How are you living your life book? Are enjoying the first chapters or acting as though you are in the last chapters? Time is fleeting.  Take advantage of every page.


Caroline is 9 months old! February 7, 2011

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 My little shoe shopper!

18 months ago I never dreamed I would be pregnant again, but God had other plans.

Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version, ©2010)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

 God knew from the beginning of time you were going to be here. I am so grateful for His plans and not mine. You are such a joy and delight in our family. You complete us. Caleb has a best buddy, playmate, sister and companion. We love you, little Caroline.

Happy 9 months! Here are your milestones.

  • 16 ½ pounds
  • You are eating food three times a day. You seem to enjoy most vegetables, except peas.
  • Caleb is loving you more each day. He likes to hug and kiss you.
  • You and Caleb are on the same afternoon nap schedule
  • You still take three naps, two little ones in the morning and evening and one longer one in the afternoon.
  • Sometimes you don’t nap in the evening and you go down to be earlier.
  • You can wave hi and clap when we say “yay”
  • You got a new tooth this month. It’s your upper left and you’re working on the upper right.
  • Right now you have a whopping cold, poor you.
  • You’re just about to crawl, only one leg won’t cooperate.
  • You cackle over everything and oh how you smile.